Amanda Farough

Business and game journalist. Podcast host. Streamer. Professional speaker. Mom friend. Canadian technomancer.

About Me

Hey, I'm Amanda.

Professionally, I've had quite the journey. My background is in computer science and software development. I spent close to a decade running my own web design and marketing studio before making the transition to writing full-time. These days, I work with indie developers on creating shape around their studios and the business of making games.

On the personal side, I'm a Canadian mom of four, married for 12 years, currently living on the east coast in the US. I'm a newly minted Twitch streamer (formerly Mixer) with my family-friendly show, Ready Player Mom.

I'm particularly fond of Sailor Moon, weird narrative indie games, tabletop RPGs that defy convention, listening to my children laugh, artisan coffee, craft beer, and helping people be the very best versions of themselves.

Let's get to know each other. <3

My Work

I've been a game journalist for a little over 10 years, mostly focused on indie games, industry news, and filtering business stories through a cultural lens.

I mostly disseminate these stories with my partner, Mike Futter, on our podcast, Virtual Economy. You can catch my writing from time-to-time on GamesBeat.

I also write about parenting and video games for places like Engaged Family Gaming, SuperParent, and the ESRB.

Get in Touch

Interested in a collaboration, partnership, or having me speak at your event? Send me a message and let me know what you're looking for.


I usually return emails within 2-3 business days.

I don't work weekends, unless absolutely necessary, so please don't expect a response on a weekend.